So, you’ve secured that all important first interview? Congratulations! Dry mouth, sweaty palms…? Fear not! With some forethought and these tips, you will have hiring managers fighting over you. Here is are a few pointers that I tell all of my candidates before they meet with the client for the first time.

Do Your Research
It is SO important that you have done your homework on the company that you are interviewing with. Someone once told me “failing to prepare, is like preparing to fail”. Deep, I know. I would say 9 out of 10 managers will break the ice by asking you “So, what do you know about OurCompany Ltd?”. You are instantly on the front foot if you have some quick facts that you can confidently discuss, for example “I noticed that your company specialise in Secure Online Payments and you were the first in Australia to accept Bitcoin. Which is really cool as I invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

Know Who You Are Meeting
As we mentioned in a previous post. Social Media now plays a big role in the recruitment process. This can work both ways. All FCR interview confirmation emails will have a link to the hiring managers LinkedIn Account (if they have one). Check them out! You may have worked at a previous Client together or have mutual connections – “I noticed that you worked at ABC Ltd with John Smith. John and I worked at XYZ Ltd…”. It’s a great way to build rapport and find common ground with the interviewers.

Be On Time
Golden Rule – BE on time people! If there is one thing that will, without question, ruin your chances of getting to the next round it is being late. You are immediately showing poor time management, a hint of not caring about the job and most of all, you are wasting people’s time. If you have the chance, it is a great idea to do a ‘dry run’ of the journey to your interview. If you are going from your current place of employment, use your lunch break to work out your route; to find any potential problems with roadworks or public transport. If you are going from home, getting suited and booted and make your way to the location as if you were doing it for real. This way you can iron out any hard to find offices, delays on public transport and know exactly where you are going. You will have other things on your mind on the day, so let’s make the journey as smooth as possible.

Dress To Impress
Research has shown that people make their first impression after just 7 seconds. That is not a lot of words in those 7 seconds, so this means that a lot will be based on your appearance and body language. We understand that is it 2017 and a three-piece suits, shirt and tie maybe a little outdated; however take some time to consider what you are going to wear on the day. Make sure your shoes are clean and a sharp haircut never did anyone any harm. Get all this sorted the night before. A confident greeting, firm hand shake, SMILE and good eye contact. You only get one chance at a first impression so give it some consideration the night before.

The Devil Is In The Detail
Over the years we have received feedback countless times that the candidate was great but “he/she didn’t answer my questions”. I recommend thinking about your answer as a short story. With a beginning, middle and end. First describe the project/problem. Next, how you were involved, and finally what were the short-term outcomes/end results; concluding with what the overall business outcome/long term benefits were. This way you let the interview know what projects you’ve worked on, how you tackle challenges and how you can benefit the organisation’s growth. Try and tie your answers into something relating to the company or project you are interviewing for.

If you have any more questions about interview preparation give us a call!

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