Do Digital First Impressions Count?

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Joining a small startup business within the information and technology sector, you are required to wear many hats; every hat! From Business Development Manager to Junior Developer to Accountant to Resourcer. Technology plays a fundamental part in the smooth running of our business as well as it’s potential growth. However, as a recruitment company it does not directly drive our revenue.

12 months ago I started to learn to code. Given the shift in test towards automation, I felt it a strong career move as well as solidifying a passion I held outside of work. It’s 2017 and a strong social media presence and mobile friendly website is a must. I know first hand that the first thing I do with a new company/restaurant/bar/gym is to check out their website, and instantly form my first impressions based on it. A good website is like the 600gsm Embossed Business Card of the 80’s.

So, when it came to designing Four Corners’ website, I kind of started to lose my marbles…

I opted for WordPress to offer a simple interface for Kylie to post blogs without me, as well as the “time saving” plethora of customisable themes available, freeing up the time that I should be spending on the phone. Meeting clients. Finding CVs. Submitting a BAS report or…. having a life. I had a decent understanding of CSS, JavaScript & PHP under my belt and set about creating something that I would be happy to land on, navigate through and interact with the owner easily across multiple platforms.

And then Mr.Crazy appeared…

I had 3 models of iPhone, 3 models of iPad, MacBook. MacBook Air and Mac 21″ (Sorry, shameless Apple Fanboy). My TV and finally, a friend’s Samsung and Dell Laptop. I tested the website across 4 browsers. On 3 different internet connections to test loading times. And a number of other potentially pointless checks to ensure whoever, and where ever my audience viewed our little corner of the internet it would render in a manner I personally was pleased with.

And this got me a think’en… Is a crappy website the limp hand shake of the 21st century? I know a lot of companies who are great at what they do but their website stinks. My favourite restaurant in Sydney, does not even have a website!! So, does it really matter to anyone else but me?

Thanks for reading.

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